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veggie backyardagins July 9, 2010

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I have had more than a healthy dose of Veggie Tales and The Backyardagins these past few days. I woke up this morning with the sound of Larry the Tomato’s voice in my head.Got ready with Uniqua singing about her knight hood and galent manners. Cartoon animal ghosts floated through my head and haunted my thoughts. I found myself trying to get Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix songs firmly lodged in my head. I failed at these attempts. I was wrestling with the side effects of my baby sitting occupation before I had even left the house. What I experienced once I reached the home of the six-year-old was a completely different matter.

As soon as I walk in I get him started on the workbook his parents want him to do. It was not nearly as challenging today as it has been in the past to get him to sit still and concentrate on the work before him. He told time on clocks, colored little pictures, wrote letters over and over. I sat alongside him and read Native Son and emitted the occasional yawn. At one point we actually got to talking and it was going well. Then he told me I laugh too much. How could he be so….so…. temperamental. He also informed me that he doesn’t like babysitters. Apparently babby sitters are too boring. Well now I know!


8-5 and a Six Year Old Boy July 8, 2010

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Day One: “You laugh too much”

Day Four: “I wish I wasn’t so bored.”

Day Five, my last day on the job that week: “I can’t wait for tomorrow, I won’t be bored.”

Day Six: “I wish mom was here….I wouldnt be so bored.”

Day Seven: “I hope mom gets off early today!”

Memerable quotes:

In reference to his toys, “The fish eat people and the shark is a nice shark so he doesn’t eat fish, he eats seaweed!”

His reaction to the summer workbook his parents want him to do, “This is so stupid. Everytime you tell me I have to do this I’m going to say that I’m tired and want to take a nap.”


A little bit about me

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     The name is Lois. Like Lois Lane but without the supper hero boyfriend. Or any kind of boyfriend for that matter. Seventeen and single. Gotta love alliterations! All five feet of my will be walking my highschool halls as a junior this year and I can’t wait to get it over with. If my junior year is anything like the summer reading  I am having to endure for honors english than this will be a sucky year cause Native Son is boring, it’s long and dry.

     I love to read and tend to be an over achiever and a walking cliché. But that’s why you love me right? Right. I’m big into student government and I hold offices in most of the clubs I’m in and I love it. I’m not into politics, too messy. I am a huge animal lover,have considered being a vegetarian, and love beef jerky. I like consistency, I love surprises. I have a consistent personality filled with contradictions.

     So in a nutshell that is me. Inconsistencies and all.♥