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A little bit about me July 8, 2010

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     The name is Lois. Like Lois Lane but without the supper hero boyfriend. Or any kind of boyfriend for that matter. Seventeen and single. Gotta love alliterations! All five feet of my will be walking my highschool halls as a junior this year and I can’t wait to get it over with. If my junior year is anything like the summer reading  I am having to endure for honors english than this will be a sucky year cause Native Son is boring, it’s long and dry.

     I love to read and tend to be an over achiever and a walking cliché. But that’s why you love me right? Right. I’m big into student government and I hold offices in most of the clubs I’m in and I love it. I’m not into politics, too messy. I am a huge animal lover,have considered being a vegetarian, and love beef jerky. I like consistency, I love surprises. I have a consistent personality filled with contradictions.

     So in a nutshell that is me. Inconsistencies and all.♥


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